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These files are works in progress and will be updated at minimum every 6 months.  The file you purchase and download is good for a period of five months from the time of purchase.  The next version of the file after the five month period will be discounted with a proof of previous purchase.  If you want a number of states or all the files please email us by clicking the button below and state which products you want and we will offer you a bulk rate discount.  We can accept payment via Venmo, Paypal, Cashapp, and credit card.

We are also also going to be posting a link to a form below the text here where you can send us venue information.  If we do not have the venue or specific information in the database you can earn discounts to your next purchase.  For every 10 Venues you provide information on and we don't have the information for you will get 10% off your next purchase.  This by design will help grow the database and keep it updated.  This also includes venues that have closed or changed names!

We are not doing this to get rich, we are not in the right business for that.  I kid.  Honestly, the amount of time and money to obtain all of this basic information has been mind boggling (over 6 months of time).  The Venuflo app is also great, but lacks the ability to write and take notes on a piece of paper.  Many folks stated they would purchase individual states or a grouping of states for a downloadable file.  I caved in and made it happen.

Happy gigging!

the venue sheets - stripe and paypal payments are accepted

The Whole Dang United States
  • The Whole Dang United States
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Over 29,000 Potential Music Venues and 741 Pages of Phone Numbers, Emails, and Weblinks! Clickable from the pdf!

If you purchase this, you will get a 50% off code on 7/1/2024 for the scheduled update!

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